Dixie Firewood Offers

High Quality Products for Commercial & Residential Use

Residential Delivery

Offering year round firewood
and cooking wood!


Supplying restaurants with a range
of high quality wood.


Offering well made, affordable firewood
accessories, from racks to screens.

About Dixie Firewood

Ronney and Linda McLarty have been in business for over 30 years. We offer a variety of firewood and other products, including, fatwood, seasoned oak, and hickory. We also offer our customers fat lighter, wood chunks, chips, cedar planks, and firewood accessories, including metal racks and other accessories.

We are a locally owned, private business settled between Atlanta and Birmingham, not far off of Interstate 20 in north west GA, Buchanan to be exact.

Services & Accessories

Residential Delivery

Dixie Firewood offers year round firewood and cooking wood our residential customers can contact us about delivering.

  • We deliver from Atlanta, Ga. To Chattanooga, TN. To Anniston, Al., and all points in between.
  • For the majority of our customers, we recommend our seasoned firewood. Standard cut sixteen inches in length and available in 24 inch and 30 inch. Our firewood is guaranteed seasoned and clean, primarily oaks and hickory.
  • To get your fires started we offer premium fat wood kindling available in two and half lb. bags and in larger quantities as well.
  • We also can assemble wood racks to store your firewood we carry a number of fireplace accessories. Check out our accessories page for more information.


Restaurants/Cooking Wood

We supply restaurants with a range of quality cooking wood oak, and hickory.

  • For restaurants with wood burning ovens that use larger volumes of wood, we offer our premium oak, and hickory firewood. Oak is recommended leading wood burning oven for most manufacturers because it has a great flavor, and is a clean burning, gives a long hot and even burn.
  • We also can supply you with other cooking products and other specialty items such as wood chips and chunks, cedar planks and other wood related products.
  • All of our cooking woods and related products are available to our residential customers.



We carry a fine line of well made, affordable firewood accessories such as storage racks and fireplace grates and tools and screens. Our metal firewood racks—built with all metal and very sturdy priced as followed:

  • 4' x 4' - $89.95 installed
  • 4' x 8' - $129.95 installed